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Patents are very important factor of the economy. A recent study says, "The value of intellectual property to the U.S. economy is more than US$5 trillion& growing". That being said, did you know - Many granted patents are invalid due to search limitations such as resources, effort, time, money etc., as previous public disclosure anywhere, in any language, can invalidate a patent.

Patent data is exploding and practically "Big Five" i.e., USPTO, EPO, SIPO of China, KIPO & JPO, are dominating patent businesses across the globe. Thus, patent's data to search for a professional search is turning difficult and complex nowadays as it may include technical drawings, chemical formulae, and technical words.

We are a bouquet firm, providing services and solutions in the IPR domain since 2007and help increase the revenues of Fortune 500 companies by taking care of entire gamut of IP-centric challenges. We provide patent services that includes Novelty/Patentability, Invalidation, Freedom-To-Operate, Opposition, infringement, Monetization, IP licensing/ Re-examination, or Patent watch tasks, in English, German, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

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