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We work to seek higher operational effectiveness, greater flexibility & lower operating costs. Our project fee can also be constructed around the following options:

Fixed Cost Billing Model

This model is best applicable when the project scope and requirements are clear and well defined. This engagement model is ideal for small or medium sized projects wherein the requirements are fixed and changes to the scope of the project are not expected. The expected scope, price and timeline minimize the risk to the clients. There is a cost advantage associated and speedy completion of project facilitates minimum time lost. This cost approach is for a low and medium level of complexity.

Per Hour Billing Model

Hourly models are based on the duration, or the hours worked on the project, that don't have any estimated time constraints. Unlike fixed cost per hour model projects have dynamic requirements, the scope and specification are not specific at the initial stage of development. This model is preferably used for long-term projects that are prone to changes in midstream due to the changing requirements. Usually, the company provides with a rough estimation of the project, where the cost factor depends upon the hourly duration of the project.

At Aeren, the scale of cost for searching largely depends upon invention age, the complexity of technology and the details in the report involved. In a nutshell, a difference in effort will result in a difference in pricing.

Full-Time Equivalent Basis (Dedicated Team)

In this outline, Aeren handles the project management & infrastructure to meet client-specific requirements, more suitable for projects requiring specific infrastructure, methodology & compliance. This team becomes a virtual extension to client's personal team, enabling them to get well versed & trained as per client's requirements & standards. The model offers significant cost savings, with a fixed monthly cost and average availability of 160 hours, per person, per month.