Our Strengths
  • Our geographical location

    Biggest reason of outsourcing by enterprises in developed countries was to increase profitability by investing overseas in relatively 'low-wage' developing countries such as India, China and Brazil, to name a few. Advocates in creating offshore outsourcing alliances stress the savings as being the prime driver, which lead to lower costs while maintaining high quality. This is due to a combination of factors, such as high levels of education and skills appropriate to the tasks outsourced.

    We are HQ at Chandigarh, which is 160 miles north from Capital of India. Chandigarh has been declared as one of the most preferred IT destination. Chandigarh, being Tier-III city, ensures lower labor costs, lower real estate costs and reduced Staff attrition rate (Source: Jones Lang La Salle – Leading Real Estate Management Company). Besides, Gartner, a leading Global marketing research firm, during their recent study, has also recognized Chandigarh as one of the most preferred IT location. Chandigarh has also got third Slot at the NASSCOM ATKEARNEY study on location Road map for IT-BPO growth. The highlights of the study of NASSCOM ATKEARNEY in respect of Chandigarh are as under (on a scale of 1-10):

  • Access to many world-wide paid & free databases.

    We have access to multiple data sources, both commercial and freely accessible. For example, in English language, we can perform searches on databases like Derwent, Questel Orbit, Thomson Innovation, Espace etc. We also have subscription to non-patent databases such as IEEE, Science Direct, ACM etc. Apart from the mentioned databases, we also use domain specific databases.

    We also have experts in organics, chemicals or chemistry, who can perform search for structures on databases such as Marpat, Registry, CaPlus, STN and similar.

  • Our approach – methodology – unmatched quality work

    We use robust method to conduct our searches where we simultaneously search and review our search technique and constantly refine it throughout the search to obtain the best search references. This is what we term as an adaptive and an iterative way to conduct search. With this approach, from start to end, we will continuously filter out the irrelevant results in the search and narrow down on the critical results that relate to the novelty of the search subject.

  • One Stop Shop

    We have experience in technical domains ranging from Electronics, Telecommunication, Ecommerce, Software, Electrical, Mechanical, Energy, Automobiles, Semiconductor, Computers / networking, Medical devices, Pharmaceutical formulations, Chemicals, Chemistry& Biotechnology domains. We deliver quick availability of trained team at competitive prices. We hire technical specialists for all major technical areas and services suited to creation, management, and monetization of patents.

  • Trained team with vast experience in varied domains

    We have worked on 1400+ patent searching projects in various technology domains& our dedicated team of 26 professionals in Intellectual Property (IP) division looks like:

  • We can search in different languages native databases too.

    We can identify of prior arts that are not in English Language. By this we mean that the patents that may exist in the form of domestically filed patents in the countries like China, Japan and Korea, AND are in the native languages. Moreover the patents may not have any INPADOC/counterpart family members in English language.We have access to databases like CNIPR, SIPO to conduct search in native Chinese languages, IPDL, Ultra patents for search in Japanese languages. Therefore, we have access to more than 70% of unique patent records on which we can run searches.

  • Multi-lingual search technicians -No Translators

    Since, we can perform searches in Chinese, Korean and Japanese languages other than English. We have employees who not only know these South East Asian languages but also know English at the same time which means the same person is able to search and translate the search request instead of multiple hands working on the same document.We don't hire translators - this means your data is always in the safe hand unlike others who hire translators and your invention or patent information is roaming with translators who have nothing do to with your important & confidential intellectual data.

  • Best reporting methodology easy, customizable

    Our tool gives access to interim reports to client for better understanding. It has world-class features like online live report quality tracking, allows client to give feedback of all reports. Different sensors installed on report for touch screen capabilities to report and element level mapping apparently, helps save at-least 10 minute per report for the client. Thus, for analysing 100 reports at least 27 hours saved for the client.

  • Data protection & safeties

    Your data is 100% safe in our hands. We value your trust:
    a. All employees sign agreement for complete data security like NDA with client.
    b. We encourage signing NDA with client, if client is also OK.
    c. Round-the clock security, HD cameras, bio-metric access & our scanner team leaves no stone unturned for data privacy.
    d. We control all information pertaining to our work under strict workflow management systems, for each coded data task. We allow, only authorized personnel, access to the assigned tasks, and strictly limit the reproduction and handling of data (or documents) outside office premises.