Our Team

We have the experienced and dedicated team of postgraduates and PhD's in varied domains/verticals from leading institutions of world. The firm management along with the core team has a very sound background and experience with leading IP law-firms & corporates’. We have bi-lingual search technician team for search request requiring different language input like - Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, other than English.

  • Raman Aggarwal (CEO & Founder)

    He is responsible for managing the company, formulating and executing long-term strategies, and for all interactions with clients, employees, investors and other stakeholders. Being Chartered Accountant & a fellow member of The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India since 1988, his ability to understand the business environment coupled with his sound financial and accounting background has enabled his firm "Aggarwal Raman & Associates" to specialize in Legal & Accounting, Advisory, Dispute Management, Bankruptcy, insolvency and corporate restructuring, litigation & liability matters.

    Recognizing his contribution in Business, Financial and Legal world, he has been appointed advisor/Expert to Punjab Vigilance Bureau & Punjab Police Department for Advice, Expertise and assistance in investigation/Enquiry of Economics/White Collars offenses. He has also been appointed as Special Auditor by Department of Income Tax, He, has been lately nominated as a member of Zonal Advisory Committee of Service Tax of N-W Region office of the Chief Commissioner. Mr. Aggarwal has also been with the “Office of Official Liquidator” attached with the High Court of Punjab, Haryana and Chandigarh.He has a strong drive for excellence and sustainable growth as a result he is presently a member of different national and international organizations like International Fiscal Association, Netherlands, NASSCOM, CII and PHD Chamber of commerce etc. as Chief Executive Officer.

    Since piloting leadership of AEREN Group in 2006, Mr. Aggarwal has continuously explored and developed innovative and unique programs for the company. He helps in decision making and policy making, setting the tone for the company’s values, ethics and culture. He personifies Aeren’s commitment to delivering the highest quality services to its clients around the world. He is an enthusiastic, decisive; extra-miler who believes that excellence has no finish line. Few Fortune 500 companies took guidance on pragmatic risk management strategies, compliance policies, crisis management and litigation exposure assessment. He has an approach that fusions deep legal knowledge, positive approach and creativity with extensive business experience to deliver guidance on various view-points and help Aeren-IP excel

  • Anju (Co-Founder - Quality & Transitions)

    A professionally quailed Architect from India top Institute, is one of the captain of the ship and as a 'hands on entrepreneur . She is a quality and transitions leader with over 20 years of experience in managing and driving high impact business initiatives. She draws upon her extensive experience, sharp insight and resources to help business reach its full potential. She understands challenges and knows what it takes to drive sustainable growth. Lead the involved delivery units and make sure transition is done in budget, time and quality. Shape to-the-needs delivery models including selection of appropriate delivery units and partners. Serve as external and independent reviewer in quality assurance activities

    She thinks out-of-the-box that turns value-killer risks into value-creating opportunities. She is professionally qualified Architect. Having experienced with virtual teams & global environments, She has worked in partner centric, hybrid environment and handled difficult client situations with excellent relationship management. Good presentation, communication & moderator skills, she possess good analytical thinking and decision making ability with strong leadership, facilitation, negotiation, mentoring and personnel management skills

  • Arti (Global Business Operations & Strategy)

    Arti is a management degree holder from one of the India’s most prestigious business school IIM Calcutta with vast human resource and strategic management experience from various indigenous organizations over the last ten years .

    As an experienced system based thinking consultant, she possess a high sense for people and dynamics, with the proven ability work successfully and facilitate in complex environments. Her primary assignment is to develop strategies for the general operations of the organization as well as develop corporate relationship and establishing business channels internationally.

    She has participated and managed large numbers of international projects and clients .She is expert in developing a cordial relationship between the clients and organization. With her exceptional client service and relationship management, she offers quality business support providing adequate information to clients and develop network beyond borders.

  • Simpy Gupta (Global Business Unit Head- Legal Services)

    Graduated in Law from one of the Top law school in India and also pursued Company Secretaryship& took fellowship from ICSI. She is an experienced corporate advisor on Strategy, Planning, Structuring, transformation processes & Implementation.

    Over the past 18 years of her experience; she has been an instrumental in setting up all size of Businesses in India from across the Globe. She successfully handled many IP Litigations, Acquisition& Merger transactions right from Negotiation to closing the transaction.

    Her vast experiences in understanding the dynamics of the Businesses, has made her emerge as a specialist in the field. She work collaboratively with them to focus solutions on the real issues affecting businesses and deliver long-term, tangible value.

  • S Kumar (Global Business Unit Head- IP Services)

    Masters in Computer Science from one of India’s Top IIT in 2003,his specialty is in building world-class engineering teams for our business operations. He fusions his interest in technology & science with focused passion for helping people by finding the answers they need to make effective business decisions with Intellectual Property.

    He is also responsible for developing and evangelizing research solution suites. He is closely integrated with the sales team and manages strategic client needs.

    Specializes in patent prosecution, prior-art searching, patent litigation support, patent landscape analysis, invalidity study, patent application drafting and illustration, patent valuation, technology transfer, freedom to operate, patent mining, patent portfolio management.

  • Unni Krishnan (Global Business Unit Head- Financial Services & Valuation)

    Unni has 20 years of experience in handling team of valuation experts include economists, PhDs, Chartered Financial Analyst charter-holders, certified licensing professionals, and certified public accountants. His professionals have significant experience in valuing trademarks, trade names, and many other intangible assets.

    We have valued intellectual property in a wide range of industries, including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, electronics, the Internet, software, telecommunications, airlines, retail, automotive, and consumer products.

  • David John (Vice President - Sales & Client Engagement)

    David is responsible for overall sales activities and initiatives of Aeren-IP. He is a seasoned &recognized sales professional with a hands-on approach to diagnosing client's needs & building relationships with our worldwide clientele.

    His responsibility include requirement collection & communication between delivery teams and clients located across diverse geographical locations.

    His sales philosophies have built framework of closer engagement of business with our clients.

  • NeelamThaman (Sr. Patent Counsel)

    She is an active lawyer of the organization having experience of more than eight years. Neelam is qualified member of the Bar Association with extensive experience in handling international clients.

    As a senior counsel, Neelam, practice includes Patent searching with guidance on analysis & patent drafting. With her passion for service delivery & value generation, she has emerged with a competitive edge in legal Field. Neelam specializes in legal resolution with the overall objective of generating an acceptable outcome for her clients in a time-efficient and cost-effective way.

  • Shiv Bhatnagar (Manager-ENC)

    Masters in electronics and communication with more than 5 years of experience in the field of research and intellectual property, his role include Managing a team of ENC, guiding & training for cross-functional & multi-language search).

    Expertise include, but not limited to: Chip fabrication, sensor data acquisition, neural network, fuzzy logic, genetic algorithms, microprocessors, L5 protocols, biomedical signal processing, power systems, VLSI, PCB design, telecommunication, ADA, SATCOM, 3G, GSM, CDMA, messaging systems, control systems, embedded systems, neuron signal processing, digital electronic, microcontrollers, WIFI/WIMAX, femtocells, radio protocols.

  • Satyendra Kumar (Manager-CSN)

    Masters in computer science with more than 7 years of experience in the field of research and intellectual property, he has earlier worked on R&D in telecommunication domain.

    He manages a team of CSN’s & his areas of expertise include cloud networks, messaging protocols, 3G, 4G, image processing, algorithms, networking protocols, shell programming, databases, wimax, gaming, web services, algorithms, optimization, business methods, web technologies, cloud computing, SDLC, networking protocols, shell programming, databases (Oracle, PL/SQL), wimax, embedded and real-time platforms, C/C++, Java, business methods, cloud computing, operating systems, security and authentication, compiler optimization, business methods, open source systems, networking protocols, shell scripting, databases, operating systems, .NET framework, banking/payments, algorithms, OOPs, computer architecture & microprocessors.

  • Arun Kumar (Manager-BMDNC)

    Masters in Chemistry with more than 7 years of experience in the field of research and intellectual property,he has a rich experience in training & managing team of BMDNC & conducting quality searching using numerous free and paid patent databases like USPTO, EPO, Derwent, Micropat, Patbase, Delphion etc. and literature search tools like Scifinder, ISI Web of Science.

    His knowledge & experience includes;
    - Physicochemical instrumental techniques
    - Molecule research and evidence review
    - Conductingheath care, market research & analytics projects
    - Medical instrumentals
  • ParminderKaur (Manager – Designing & Software)

    Masters in design engineering with around 10 years of experience in the field of Illustration and AutoCAD.,she manages a team designing & software team, having a rich experience in preparing quality AutoCAD drawings from informal drawings, photographs and hand sketches. She is well versed in mechanical drawings, electrical drawings, electronic schematics, charts and flow diagrams. Drawings are prepared in strict compliance with USPTO, EPO and other patent office guidelines.